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Pierce is a smooth operator – at least in his own mind.  In reality, he’s on the receiving end of much of the beatings in Monster Haiku.  His advances towards Sam usually end up with a broom upside the head.  His arguments with Pat usually end up with a thorough mauling.  Despite all the hard knocks he receives, he’s Franks buddy and his cocksure swagger helps keep things interesting.
Pat loves butterflies and bows.  She likes ribbons and tea parties.  But she is a werewolf so she also likes devouring small animals and savoring the kill by lapping up the bloody remains.  She and Sam have a special connection but are operating on two totally different wavelengths.  For example, Sam’s best friend is her cat.  Pat’s favorite treat is a tasty cat.  Pat and Frank have a long-standing, yet ill-fated love affair which never seems to get on track.  Ah, puppy love…
John is a four-thousand year old mummy.  He’s seen a lot in his time and usually acts as the older, wiser member of the Monster Haiku cast.  He loves sports and music and is always trying to bring his buddies into the act.  It generally results in brutality and mayhem but John never stops trying to interest others in his passions.
Frank is the youngest and most enthusiastic member of the Monster Haiku cast.  Impressionable and easily swayed, Frank can usually be found palling around with Pierce.  Occasionally, Frank’s head cracks open and his brains seep out but one of his friends is usually close by to patch him up.  He would love to marry his werewolf/girlfriend Pat but it’s hard to carry on a relationship when you’re too immature and keep losing your mind.
A rip-snorting genetic mutation gone wild, Gene is part gorilla, part octopus, part cow and entirely unintelligible.  She communicates through grunts, growls, and physical violence.
Rob is in a perpetual state of decomposition.  He is never the same “person” from day to day because he’s always losing bits of himself here and there.  The one steadfast characteristic of this zany zombie is his childlike desire to have fun no matter what is happening around him.  He’s simple and sweet and fun to be around if you don’t mind having your brain chewed on.
Why is Gil always so depressed? No one’s really sure. Maybe it’s because he always smells like fish. Maybe it’s because he lives alone in a swamp. Maybe it’s because no matter where he goes or what he’s doing, he’s dripping wet and cold. And despite his dour and doleful demeanor, Gil has formed a strange friendship with Monster Haiku’s resident half-wit, Rob.
Sam is excited about food – baking, cooking, stewing. She generally has a sunny disposition unless she’s fending off an overly amorous Pierce. Though she is a young witch, Sam’s very much into the traditional witch lifestyle – black cat, broom, cauldron, etc.